Salary increase of civil servants and retirees has been announced

TURKSTAT announced June inflation data. To be implemented in the second half of the year, it has been announced that there will be an 8.45 percent increase in civil servant salaries and pensions of retired civil servants and SSK and BAĞ-KUR pensions in July.

What about low civil servant salaries and pensions?

The lowest salary of civil servants with two children, whose spouse is not working, will increase from 4 thousand 500 TL to 4 thousand 880 TL.

With this increase, the lowest pension from 2 thousand 420 TL to 2 thousand 624 TL for SSK retirees before 2000, the lowest BAĞ-KUR pension from 763 TL to 1 thousand 912 TL, the lowest agricultural BAĞ-KUR pension It will also increase from 1,662 TL to 1,802 TL.

The pensions of those who retired from SSK after 2000 would normally be 1,447 TL in January. However, since the lowest pension was increased to 1,500 TL in April last year, no further increase was made in July of last year and January of this year. After 2000, the normal pension of SSK retirees will start to increase again from this month.

In January, civil servants were raised by 7.36 percent, SSK and BAĞ-KUR members were raised by 8.36 percent.

In January, an increase of 7.36 percent was made in civil servant salaries and pensions of retired civil servants, and 8.36 percent in BAĞ-KUR pensions.

1 point of my raise melted without being pocketed

Effective from 1 July, the 12 percent hike in natural gas will have a direct effect of 0.2 percentage points on inflation, and the 15 percent increase in electricity will have a 0.4 percentage point impact. It is calculated that the direct and indirect effect of the electricity and natural gas hikes on inflation will be 1.1 points. 1.1 points of the increase in civil servant salaries and pensions will be melted before they go into pocket.

Public workers’ raise bargain

After the announcement of the six-month inflation data, the bargaining of approximately 700 thousand public sector workers will accelerate. The Ministry of Labor and the employer union are expected to announce the raise offer in the coming days.

TÜRK-İŞ and HAK-İŞ demanded that the lowest gross wage be increased to 4 thousand 800 liras in the period covering the years 2021-2022, and a 20 percent increase in the first six months, and inflation + 3 percent welfare share in the next six months.

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