“In 5 years, 5 of the 10 most developed economies will use digital money”

SC Management & Consulting Founder Dr. Soner Canko said that in the first half of 2021, the most talked about and important steps in the field of fintech in the world are the digital currency studies of central banks. Canko, a guest of the Financial Technology program on Bloomberg HT television, said that the digital currencies of central banks, called CDBC, will now be used in five of the world’s 10 most developed economies in the next five to five years.

‘There will be a big change in the technologies used in banking’

Noting that they expect a big change in the technologies used in banking in the coming period, Canko said, “We foresee that the data management that we have done in our own areas in large data centers, especially with cloud technologies, will be transferred to the cloud and that the technologies used in banking will undergo a great change in this sense.”

‘Data platforms await us in the future’

Underlining the changing experience in e-commerce, Canko emphasized that the transition from physical and traditional commerce to e-commerce, especially with the pandemic, is now a changing e-commerce experience on the agenda. Canko added that the applications that talk to each other are now on the agenda, accelerating, facilitating and simplifying customer demands. Noting that another important issue on the agenda is data platforms, Canko said, “Until now, operating systems have been used to run computer technologies. From now on, operating systems are needed to manage big data. In this sense, a major transformation and change is expected in financial technologies. The operating system in which data is now managed. And we can say that the platforms are waiting for us in the future,” he said.

‘Fintech investments broke a world record in the first 6 months’

Stating that fintech investments broke records worldwide in the first 6 months of 2021, Canko said that there were 57 mega investments of over $100 million. Stating that 11 public offerings stand out among them, Canko noted that with 67 mergers and acquisitions, the highest number of exits in a half year has been experienced so far. Underlining that digital asset (cryptocurrency) storage and investment initiatives came to the fore in this period, Canko stated that fintech investments of bigtech companies such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon continued without slowing down. Canko added that they observed that traditional banks are no longer as quiet as they used to be, they are accelerating and responding to the development in the field of fintech in their own way.

‘Turkey should increase the number of fintech startups’

Noting that there were good developments in the Turkish fintech sector in the first half of 2021, parallel to the figures in the same period of the previous year, Canko stated that there is an investment of 11.5 million dollars with 11 investments. Expressing that private equity investments are not included in the figures, Canko said that with the addition of that amount, fintech investments are above last year. Canko stated that the exit figures in the first half of the year are the same as last year’s. under He added that it was realized at the level of 27 million dollars. Stating that 5 fintech startups were established in Turkey this year, according to Startups.watch data, Canko said, “This is a remarkable factor. The number of our fintech startups should not slow down. It should increase more. We should encourage fintech entrepreneurship.”

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