Getir entered Spain with a purchase

Getir announced that it will start serving under its own name in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Milan by purchasing the entire Blok application operating in the fast grocery delivery sector.

The Rome and Lisbon operations, which Blok completed the necessary studies and made ready for operation, will be put into use in the coming days with the Getir brand.

Thus, Getir will increase the number of countries it serves in Europe to 7 and operate in 8 countries, including Turkey.

With the new investment of 555 million dollars received in its fourth investment round, which was completed last week, Getir exceeded its valuation of 7.5 billion dollars.

Getir’s CEO, Nazım Salur, said: “The reason we receive funding so often is that we entered the US market this year and did not leave it until later. Duplicates are spreading everywhere and if we don’t deal with the industry, others will.”

Getir plans to serve three major cities in the US later this year.

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