Record earnings from world’s largest pension fund

The Government of Japan Pension Fund earned $339 billion in the fiscal year ending March, yielding 25 percent returns. This was the biggest annual gain since the fund was founded in 2001.

Among the assets owned by the fund, foreign stocks are the best performers with 59.4 percent, while domestic stocks come second with 41.6 percent. The fund gained 7.1 percent on foreign bonds, while it lost 0.7 percent on Japanese bonds.

Masataka Miyazono, the head of the pension fund, has not closed any quarter with a loss since he took office in April 2020, while the total size of the assets managed by the fund reached $ 1.6 trillion, with earnings for four consecutive quarters.

Stating that he did not expect such a large return on the shares, Miyazono warned of the stock explosion in the markets and said that this could reverse in the coming years.

While the MSCI World Index yielded 52 percent in the fiscal year ending in March, Japan’s benchmark index, the Topix Index, rose 39 percent. The 10-year US Treasury bond rose 107 basis points to 1.74 percent, while Japanese government bonds rose 12 basis points to 0.12 percent.

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