A new era has begun in returning to normal life

The implementation of some measures determined within the scope of the fight against Kovid-19 ended with the start of the third phase of the gradual normalization process as of 05:00.

With the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior on June 27, the measures that will continue and end in the third stage of the gradual normalization process were announced to the public.

In this context, in line with the relevant circular, as of 05:00 a.m., a new era was started in Turkey regarding the fight against Kovid-19.

Accordingly, the curfew between 22:00 and 05:00 on Mondays and Saturdays, and the full-day curfew on Sundays, and the intercity travel restriction applied during the limitation period ended.

All workplaces will be able to start operating within the framework of the opening and closing hours determined by the relevant administration, according to the field of activity in their licenses.

Indoor swimming pools will be available. Outdoor swimming pools became operational with the circular on 1 June.

– Rock and card games free

Businesses such as movie theaters, Turkish baths, sauna and massage parlors and entertainment venues will also begin to accept customers.

The restriction on stone and card games in coffee houses and coffee houses has been lifted.

Events such as concerts, festivals and youth camps can be organized by leaving 4 square meters per person in open areas and 6 square meters in closed areas.

– Passenger restriction removed in public transport

The restriction on the number of passengers in all public transportation vehicles in the city or between the cities has been ended. It has become free to carry standing passengers. Citizens aged 65 and over, young people under the age of 18 and children were able to use public transportation vehicles without any time limit.

The 10.00-16.00 working hours applied in public institutions and organizations have ended and the normal working order has been returned.

Activities such as circumcision, engagement and henna were free.

Barbecuing in picnic and recreation areas has become free.

– No hookah service will be provided in any workplace

At the entrance to eating and drinking places such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes, measures such as temperature measurement, HEPP code inquiry and mask wearing will continue. The distance between the tables will be 1.5 meters, and the number of people sitting at the same table will not be limited.

Hookah lounge and hookah cafes will be closed, and no hookah service will be provided in any workplace, including accommodation facilities.

Events will be allowed provided that the rules and principles specified in the Epidemic Management and Working Guide and the principles of cleaning, mask and distance are followed.

– The number of participants in weddings and weddings will not be limited

In weddings and weddings, the requirement of having a minimum of 6 square meters per person, which is applied in closed places, will continue, and the number of participants will not be limited.

Food and beverage can be served at weddings and weddings as of 15 June. This practice will continue, but in the new period, music broadcasting, including live music, will be allowed until 24.00 during these events.

Visitor planning will be made in the picnic and recreation areas with 4 people per square meter. There will be a distance of at least 3 meters between the tables in the picnic areas.

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